Welcome to the officially authorised verification centre

JAKO, your partner for enhanced legal security!

Pressure gauges must be verified if a legally protected interest requires the accuracy and proper functioning of measuring devices. As extended arm of the state, verification centres such as JAKO (registration according to verification label no. 582 – see adjacent image) therefore ensure the protection of citizens and the economy

1. Your benefit, your advantage

  • Legal security
  • Officially recognised suitability test
  • Traceability to international standards

IMPORTANT NOTE: With a verification, you do not get a statement regarding the expanded uncertainty of measurement of the individual test points as you do with the ÖKD calibration. Verification is a „certification of the suitability“ for the respective area of application regulated by law.

2. Only necessary, when required by law!

As Austrian verification centre, JAKO is empowered and officially authorised to verify the suitability of pressure gauges (verification stamp with or without verification certificate). Both are valid as official proof for the use of pressure gauges in line with their intended application and the legal requirements.

The verification of pressure gauges is mandatory if their suitability e.g. due to a specific measurement accuracy serves to protect the health and safety of people or is required to determine measures in the public trade in goods and if there are respective legal provisions.

I.e. if pressure gauges are used:

  • for the protection or health of people
  • for the protection of the environment
  • for the protection of the public
  • to determine measures in payment transactions

3. Our accredited scope of verifications services

JAKO is officially authorised to verify the following pressure gauges:

Measuring device type Measuring range Type of media

Pressure gauges of the accuracy class:

0,2;  0,3;  0,6;  1,0;  1,6;  2,5;  4,0
positive overpressure
0 bar to 60 bar

Pressure gauges of the accuracy class:

0,1;  0,2;  0,3;  0,6;  1,0;  1,6;  2,5;  4,0
positive overpressure
0 bar to 600 bar

4. Stamping mark, verification label, verification certificate, validity

The following applies to every verified measuring device:

  • a stamping mark, i.e. a verification label with the verification centre number and the year of verification is attached to the verified measuring device in a manner that the verification label is destroyed in the event of unauthorised opening
  • on request, also a verification certificate is issued
  • verifications are valid for a minimum of 1 year. The validity period, however, depends on the measurement accuracy of the pressure gauges