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JAKO has been one of the leading producers in the pressure and temperature metrology sector for 60 years and as instruments manufacturer, the reliable partner of customers in Austria and abroad (currently, our products and services are supplied to more than 30 countries).  Our production is still based in Vienna today and the measuring devices we produce are MADE in AUSTRIA.

Our customers include distribution and wholesale partners as well as businesses selling to installers of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigerating systems, plant engineering companies in the process and heavy industry as well as apparatus and equipment manufacturers, e.g. in the sectors container construction, compressor engineering, boiler engineering, component engineering.

Pressure and temperatureare among the most frequently measured physical units of measure and key parameters for controlled and cost-efficient operating and production processes in many areas of application.

JAKO´s aim is to make a contribution to improve economy and ecology with reliably operating measuring instruments..

Ensuring TRUE PRECISION is our business!

Ensuring TRUE PRECISION is what our brand is all about and best describes our corporate mission. (for detailed information, see our Corporate Policy).

The high standards we apply to our measuring devices and services we also apply to ourselves in our incessant striving for excellent performance as well as continuous improvement and development. Our Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 is an important tool to this end.

Tailor-made services turn your JAKO products into customized solutions!

Excellent product qualityis a matter of course for JAKO and we rely on our ability to customize standard products to the individual requirements and applications of our customers or to develop new ones. Our production processes are organised in a manner that both special equipment/single piece production as well as small and large series can be produced and supplied cost-effectively, on short notice and, thus, price-efficiently.Our range of services also includes a comprehensive information service with many useful tips and guidance available on our website.

Ensuring TRUE PRECISION as verification and calibration centre!

JAKO has been accredited as verification centre and ÖKD calibration centre by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and is, therefore, authorised to carry out this sovereign activity.Thus, we offer our customers legal security (verification) and reliable measurement results (calibration).

State-of-the-art core competences!

JAKO measuring devices are used in many different areas of application. The design properties, the chosen materials as well as modern production and manufacturing processes with integrated final test procedure are adapted to industry-specific requirements in dependence on national and international norms and standards.

In this process, JAKO can rely on the experience of long-standing employees and the ambition to recognise and make commercial use of the chances offered by new methods and technologies at an early stage.

Innovations, evolutionary not revolutionary!

The physical principle of pressure and temperature metrology has already been known for decades; JAKO is one of the pioneers in this field. Therefore, revolutionary product innovations are not to be expected throughout the industry.It is in fact the small product differences that at times seem insignificant, which have a marked impact on the total cost of ownership. Therefore, JAKO devices keep surprising with new and unique product features that for example allow faster and thus more cost-effective assembly.

Internationally, customer proximity through partnerships

JAKO supplies its products and services to customers in more than 30 countries.Instead of establishing our own sales offices or factories, we cooperate with competent local partners. This ensures that market-specific product and delivery requirements are optimally met.