Special equipment engineering

Customized Engineering Services

JAKO is happy to adapt standard products to customer-specific applications and also to develop completely new types of measuring devices. Below you find just a few of the many options available:

  • Unit assembly
  • Special process connections
  • Individual immersion pipe geometries
  • Selection of special materials or coatings
  • Measuring ranges beyond the standard
  • Customized instrument dials
  • Special cable assemblies
  • Customized interfaces for transmitters and measuring transducers
  • Thermowell lengths and dimensions made to measure
  • Special designs for enhanced dust and waterproofness
  • Slection of special sealing materials


One measuring device, one measuring point but several reading positions“ - this customer requirement was realised with the measuring instrument shown in the photo. It is a dial instrument that shows the pressure measured both on the front and on the back side. JAKO Duplex pressure gauges are available for all standard measuring ranges in industrial Bourdon tube design with a process connection on the bottom.